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Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Mon Jan 23 06:08:03 UTC 2012

Quoting sean finney (seanius at debian.org):
> Hi everyone,
> Catching up here... please forgive me if I'm commenting on anything that's
> no longer relevant.

Hmm, I was just about to send the call for translations. It's really
last minute.

OK, just to be sure, I'll extend the discussion time by 1 day..

> On Thu, Jan 05, 2012 at 06:43:53PM +0100, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> > - Select "None" if you would like to configure your webserver by hand.
> > + Select "None" if you would like to configure the web server manually.
> > 
> > "Manually" is more often used than "by hand". Could also be
> > "yourself".
> > 
> > Avoid "your web server". This might not be "mine"..:)
> Speeking of the 2nd person, should we also avoid "you" in that case?  i.e.
> + Select "None" to configure the web server manually.

We usually don't try *that* hard to be neutral..:-)

After all, the debconf templates are read by a humain and "we" talk to
that human by saying him|her "You should do this". That sounds acceptable.

> On Fri, Jan 06, 2012 at 01:28:14AM +0000, Justin B Rye wrote:
> > Then in the control file:
> > >  Package: cacti
> > >  Architecture: all
> > >  Depends: apache2 | apache | apache-ssl | apache-perl | httpd, [...]
> >                      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > (Apache-what?)
> Yeah, it's very obsolete.  I think it was left as a placeholder for
> supporting newer httpd's when the support was added (either that or
> I forgot and am only coming up with excuses now :)

Anyway, this is nearly out of the scope of these reviews that are
mostly meant to check the wording of descriptions not the Debianisms
in debian/control....though we sometimes catch some quirks like this

So, leaving it up to you to fix this...

> > > -Description: Frontend to rrdtool for monitoring systems and services
> > > +Description: web frontend for graphing systems and services monitoring data


I don't have a strong advice on other suggestions you made for the
package description. All of them make sense, imho.

My priority now are indeed the debconf templates and I suggest leaving
them as we reviewed them...just confirming that with you before
sending the call for translation updates.

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