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Tue May 1 11:03:27 UTC 2012

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cacti (0.8.8a-1) unstable; urgency=low
  * New upstream release.
    - Now includes plugin architecture (Closes: #406766)
    - Don't use define_syslog_variables() (Closes: #668261)
    - Allow external auth behind proxy (Closes: #660853)
  * Update patches, remove last two now applied upstream
  * Update d/watch to prevent selection of PIA tar ball
  * Repaired old entries in d/changelog where non-ascii characters got mangled
  * Remove d/s/local-options as they are for, well, local options
  * Make link to cacti.sql instead of copying data again
  * Remove unnecessary directories from dirs as they are generated as needed
  * Clean up of debian rules for short-hand dh
    - Moved permission and ownership fixes to override_dh_fixperms
    - Use 644 and 755 instead of 640 and 750 as per policy (except for rra)
    - Remove lib/adodb on clean (instead of build)
    - Use debian/cacti.install to define which files to install where
  * d/post(rm|inst) now also (un)registers with ufcr and clean-up of long
    obsolete /etc/cacti/default-poller
  * Append error output of poller to poller-error.log i.s.o overwriting
    (Closes: #669339) and make sure the ownership/permissions are right
  * Update README.Debian with info about plugin architecture

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