[Pkg-cacti-maint] Bug#793401: cacti: loadavg_multi.pl is not returning values

Daniel Bareiro dbareiro at opcion-libre.com.ar
Sun Aug 9 16:49:28 UTC 2015

Hi, Paul. Sorry for the delay in replying.

On 31/07/15 12:17, Paul Gevers wrote:

>> Locale information:
>> # locale
>> LC_ALL=es_AR.UTF-8

> Why do you have LC_ALL set? That overrules all the other changes. I
> believe it is not meant to be set like that generally, only for
> overloading for specific cases.
> I may be wrong...

I could confirm that with LC_ALL empty, the applied patch on #704057
works for me. I think this (having LC_ALL configured) is a legacy
configuration I've used in a while and that has spread in every update
of Debian stable I've done. Do you think this is not recommended? If so,

I see you've closed the ticket. In what state has remained?

Thanks for your time.

Best regards,

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