[Pkg-cacti-maint] Bug#793401: cacti: loadavg_multi.pl is not returning values

Daniel Bareiro dbareiro at opcion-libre.com.ar
Sun Aug 9 23:14:41 UTC 2015

> Hi Daniel

Hi, Paul.

>> I could confirm that with LC_ALL empty, the applied patch on #704057
>> works for me. I think this (having LC_ALL configured) is a legacy
>> configuration I've used in a while and that has spread in every update
>> of Debian stable I've done. Do you think this is not recommended? If so,
>> why?

> Because it overrules all other settings, making them completely useless,
> so it can't be recommended to do that by default. See for example the
> example in "man 1 locale".

Thanks for the observation.

>> I see you've closed the ticket. In what state has remained?

> As the message that closed the bug says: I updated the patch (to use
> LC_ALL).

Yes, I saw:

 cacti (0.8.8f+ds1-2) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Update loadavg_multi_locale_friendly.patch (Closes: #793401)
   * Add missing manual.css (Closes: #783416)
   * Fix d/rules override_dh_*configure target (Wasn't ever run,
     althought that wasn't too bad until now)

I guess if there is a patch, then it contains the changes we talked
about in this thread :-) I tried to see the content of this patch but I
didn't found a way to do it. Just for curiosity, can you tell me where I
can see the contents of the patches that apply to each package (based on
the open/closed issues)?

I appreciate your dedication and time.

Best regards,

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