[Pkg-citadel-devel] Bug#478996: citadel-server: Began listening on

w.goesgens w.goesgens at outgesourced.org
Fri May 2 09:24:51 UTC 2008


>frodo-the-cat:~# netstat -tap | grep citserver
>tcp        0      0 *:2020                  *:*                     LISTEN  
>   23138/citserver
>tcp        0      0 *:xmpp-client           *:*                     LISTEN  
>   23138/citserver

Hm,  This brings to my mind... 

should we add a provides: xmpp-server here? And conflict with it? Though the
citadel server xmpp implementation is far from being complete... 

And the 2020 is managesieve...

Its sort of complicated here, since webcit chooses to listen to port 2000 by
default, just the debs move that to 8504 (I did that as we added this)

Port 2000 isn't assigned to managesieve by the IANA either but its the
default port used by other implementation.

Can we ignore this for now or should setup alter it for us at startup?


Wilfried Goesgens
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