[Pkg-citadel-devel] citadel_7.42-1_amd64.changes REJECTED

Mike O'Connor ftpmaster at debian.org
Fri Mar 6 05:26:01 UTC 2009

Hi Maintainer,

REJECT: source contains incompatible licenses, and insufficient debian/copyright

I'm sorry, but at this time, I must reject this package.  Here are the problems
I found with the package:

debian/copyright's mention of the GPL says version 2 or at your option
any later version.  This does not seem to be accurate, and needs to be

docs/citadel.html says:
    You may redistribute and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public
    License, version 3, which is included in this manual.<br>

./guesstimezone.sh says:
    either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

./openldap/rfc2739.schema and ./openldap/citadel.schema say:
    This file is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2.

And here we have a problem.  We have code which is version 3 or later,
and code which is version 2.  Since version 3 is not compatible with version 2.

 ./citadel.h, ./threads.c, ./sysdep.c, ./messages.c say:

 * See copyright.txt for copyright information.

 There is no copyright.txt however.


Many of the comments in the ./modules/imap/imap_list.c (and others in
that directory) are taken verbatim from the IMAP RFCs, but there is no
mention of this anywhere.  I believe this can be a problem, the RFCs
licenses are problematic.  At the very least they require attribution,
but I don't believe that the material in the RFCs is redistributable.


Less important things that should also be fixed:

"Copyright: (C) 1987-2006 Citadel development team" should be extended
to 2008 (according to docs/citadel.html)

./modules/imap/serv_imap.c (and others) have, Copyright (C) 2000-2007
by Art Cancro and others.  So the years for Art Cancro in
debian/copyright should be expanded.

debian/copyright says:
  Copyright for CRC16: (C) 2002-2003 Indigo Systems Corporation
however, crc16.c says:
  Copyright (c) 1999-2003, Indigo Systems Corporation





If you don't understand why your files were rejected, or if the
override file requires editing, reply to this email.

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