[Pkg-citadel-devel] Bug#862296: Install hangs in postinst with error about c_Default_cal_zone

Robert J. Clay rjclay at gmail.com
Sat Sep 23 01:44:05 UTC 2017

Control found -1 902-4

More information about the system I found this on:  hosted KVM,
originally installed from a Debian 7 CDRom; I then upraded from Whezzy
to Jessie, then from Jessie to Stretch.  I then  started installing
the apps I wanted on there until I came to installing citadel, where
it came up with this error during the package installation for
citadel-suite at the point of doing the citadel-server package

This morning I logged into separate session & found that citserver was
running. Was reminded of how to check citadel configuration while
doing another google search on the error message:  "sendcommand conf
listval".  The list that resulted from that did not contain the
'c_default_cal_zone' at all.  Then ran the
command to set for my use:
sendcommand "CONF PUTVAL|c_default_cal_zone|America/Detroit"

Did the listval command and that value did show up as being set. There
are still issues with it being able to complete the citadel-server
package installation, with it still hanging again, but that
'c_default_cal_zone' related error has stopped coming up.

Another error I saw coming up: "Cannot create
/etc/citadel/netconfigs/7: No such file or directory"
Created the /etc/citadel/netconfigs directory and set it's ownership.

I also ran the citadel setup  program manually; it seemed to complete
without errors but when I attempted to log in via webcit with the
password set while running setup it was not successful.

Robert J. Clay
rjclay at gmail.com

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