[Pkg-clamav-devel] Bug#537629: [Spam] Bug#537629: clamav-daemon: clamd fails while starting

alfredo saro alfredosaro at speedy.com.ar
Thu Sep 24 22:58:35 UTC 2009


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De: Michael J. Micek
Fecha: 24/09/2009 07:48:49 p.m.
Para: Debian Bug Tracking System
Asunto: [Spam] Bug#537629: clamav-daemon: clamd fails while starting
Package: clamav-daemon
Version: 0.95.2+dfsg-1~volatile1
Followup-For: Bug #537629
This issue would primarily affect new installations.
freshclam downloads "/var/lib/clamav/main.cvd".  clamd
recognizes this file and attempts to load it, and fails.  If
main.cvd is replaced with main.cld that was previously
available, clamd is able to run.  (The difference between
main.cld and main.cvd is that the latter contains gzip'ed
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