[Pkg-clamav-devel] Bug#598255: Freeze exception for clamav 0.96.3+dfsg-2

Michael Tautschnig mt at debian.org
Mon Sep 27 20:27:17 UTC 2010

Package: release.debian.org

Hi release team,

Please grant a freeze exception for clamav, version 0.96.3+dfsg-1. For
reference, the changelog entries since the last version entering squeeze are
listed below. I am aware that this request is not in line with the stricter
freeze policy now in effect, but would nevertheless ask for an exception as this
version includes a new upstream version with security fixes. In #577013 it was
stated that even such large changes may be ok for future updates to stable, as
far as clamav is concerned.

For the clamav team with best regards,

clamav (0.96.3+dfsg-2) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Stephen Gran ]
  * Add NotifyClamd only if set to nonempty value.
  [ Michael Tautschnig ]
  * Cherry-pick from upstream: Only enable RLIMIT_DATA warning on *BSD 
    (already included in Ubuntu's 1ubuntu3) (closes: #598083).
  * Do rmdir /etc/clamav, /var/log/clamav, /var/lib/clamav in all postrms as
    we cannot count on clamav-base's postrm to be the last one being called
    (thanks piuparts).
  * Remove trailing / in freshclam's DatabaseDirectory default value
    (closes: #598084).
 -- Michael Tautschnig <mt at debian.org>  Sun, 26 Sep 2010 11:18:22 +0200

clamav (0.96.3+dfsg-1) unstable; urgency=high

  [ Stephen Gran ]
  * Fixed NotifyClamd config options handling.
  [ Alberto WU ] 
  * New upstream release
    - urgency=high as this addresses CVE-2010-0405
    - Reset MaxFileSize to default value if set to 0 (closes: #585479)
    - New config option ExtendedDetectionInfo (clamd.conf)
  [ Michael Tautschnig ]
  * Set data segment limit in tests to 524288 to make kfreebsd-i386 systems
    happy (closes: #591245).
  * Bumped Standards-Version to 3.9.1, no changes needed.
  * Preserve order of database mirrors (closes: #592322).
  * Added Vcs-Git and Vcs-Browser control fields.
  * Debconf translation updates
    - Italian (closes: #597307)
  * We'll stay with 1.0 Debian source format for now, added proper

 -- Michael Tautschnig <mt at debian.org>  Mon, 20 Sep 2010 20:04:33 +0200

clamav (0.96.1+dfsg-3) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Michael Tautschnig ]
  * Increase memory limit for tests (closes: #590271).

 -- Michael Tautschnig <mt at debian.org>  Sun, 25 Jul 2010 22:47:46 +0200

clamav (0.96.1+dfsg-2) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Michael Tautschnig ]
  * Really ship clamav-milter.conf man page (closes: #585160)
  * Really fix PowerPC issue (closes: #587738, #579960)
  * Debconf translation updates
    - German (closes: #585482)
    - Russian (closes: #585691)
    - French (closes: #585894)
  * Copied BSD license text from concerned files into debian/copyright, as
    suggested by lintian.
  * Bumped Standards-Version to 3.9.0, no changes needed.

 -- Michael Tautschnig <mt at debian.org>  Sun, 25 Jul 2010 08:50:01 +0200

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