[Pkg-clamav-devel] clamtk

Scott Kitterman debian at kitterman.com
Mon Aug 18 19:51:09 UTC 2014

On August 18, 2014 3:36:41 PM EDT, Andreas Cadhalpun <andreas.cadhalpun at googlemail.com> wrote:
>On 14.08.2014 19:45, Scott Kitterman wrote:
>> OK.  Updated to the current release.
>> It will end up going through New, so it will be a bit before the
>update is in
>> the archive.
>Thankfully, it went through NEW quite fast.
>I tested it now and the user interface is quite different from what it 
>was before, which IMHO is quite an improvement.
>I've taken care of the 3 clamtk bugs (2 were obsolete). Now I'm 
>wondering: What is the best way to forward the patch to upstream?

Thanks for taking care of the bugs. 

There's an issues section at the clamtk page on Google Code. I'd file a bug with the patch. 

Scott K

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