[Pkg-clamav-devel] Bug#810009: gcc-5 misscompiles ARM thumb code

Sebastian Andrzej Siewior sebastian at breakpoint.cc
Tue Jan 5 14:04:08 UTC 2016

Package: gcc-5
Version: 5.2.1-13
Severity: important
Tags: upstream 
Forwarded: https://gcc.gnu.org/PR69124

Clamav (and now tomsfastmath) miscompiles on armhf since the switch to
gcc-5. I forwarded a testcase to gcc bugzilla.
We have a workaround where we use -O1 in the affected file so it is not
a tragedy :) It seems also that using -mtune=cortex-a9 for instance
avoids thumb code and the bug does not trigger.
This bug report here is to simply make the maintainer aware of the issue
and track the bug. I will open the report once there are news in


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