[Pkg-clamav-devel] Bug#829270: Bug#829270: tomsfastmath: please make the build reproducible

Sebastian Andrzej Siewior sebastian at breakpoint.cc
Mon Jul 4 22:21:23 UTC 2016

control: tags -1 + pending fixed-upstream

On 2016-07-01 22:49:49 [+0200], Reiner Herrmann wrote:
> Hi!

> While working on the "reproducible builds" effort [1], we have noticed
> that tomsfastmath could not be built reproducibly.
> A list of object files is unsorted, which causes a non-deterministic
> linking order.
> The attached patch fixes this.

I commited your patch.
I don't mind getting a debdiff patch. But _please_ make a patch (talking
about reproducible-build.patch here) which follows a standard which is
used by quilt or git and that is:

|From: Author as you did
|Subject: Title

> Regards,
>  Reiner


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