[Pkg-clamav-devel] Bug#852894: clamav: FTBFS: dh_install: missing files, aborting

Reiner Herrmann reiner at reiner-h.de
Sat Jan 28 17:02:59 UTC 2017

> dh_install: Cannot find (any matches for) "debian/tmp/usr/bin/clamsubmit" (tried in "." and "debian/tmp")

Building clamsubmit is only enabled, if libcurl is found.

> checking for libcurl installation... /usr
> configure: WARNING: libcurl not found. Please use the web interface for submitting FPs/FNs.

... which is not the case anymore.

Since curl 7.52.1-1, the headers are in a multiarch path:
/usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/curl/curl.h, but clamav is checking for
$LIBCURL_HOME/include/curl/curl.h [0]

[0] https://sources.debian.net/src/clamav/0.99.2%2Bdfsg-5/m4/reorganization/libs/curl.m4/#L21
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