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OA Policy
Open Access makes knowledge available to all readers, without the barrier
of affordability and without restrictions on using it to develop related
areas of research.

Fast Publication
To increase scientists' new discoveries & innovation, accelerate research
pace, we provide fast publication for submitted papers. This is, papers can
be published within 40-60 days since submission provided that the paper is
of good quality and the authors' response is prompt.
Dear Author or Scholar,
For the sake of spreading up to date scientific research findings and let
you scholars learn from each other, we sincerely invite scholars and
researchers to submit papers to the journals or to become one of our
editorial board members or reviewers.
Calling for Editorial Members and Reviewers
For the purpose of expanding the editorial board and reviewer group, we
would like to invite you to be the editorial member or reviewer of our
journals with great sincerity. If you are eager to know more details of the
Benefits and Responsibilities of the editorial member or reviewer, please
feel free to visit the following link: http://www.journalofppa.org/journals
We have journals with an editorial team comprising many of the world's
leading researchers. If you have burst out some new ideas in your
interested field, welcome to submit your papers to the corresponding
Journals or Special Issues so as to share your ideas with people around the
Submit Your Article
List of Recommended Journals:

   1. International Journal of Pharmacy and Chemistry
   2. Psychology and Behavioral Sciences
   3. International Journal of Science, Technology and Society
   4. Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
   5. International Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences
   6. Journal of Energy and Natural Resources
   7. Applied and Computational Mathematics
   8. International Journal of Business and Economics Research
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