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!important; } Grab your spot and see the best in design and technology
break new ground.



The GT is one of the most powerful electric scooter on market. New GT
has new 3kW Bosch motor that cranks out a top speed of 70km/h, and
exceptional range of 100km. Thanks to its two-removable Panasonic
batteries, you can easily drive all week on just a single charge.

The N Pro is the addition you were all asking for. Basically there is
no difference in specifications, Ita actually an GT that is capped at
45km/h. In countries like Germany, you only need a car license to drive
it, NOT a motorbike license.

The M+ is the lastest model in M-Series: winner of 5+ International
Design Awards. It’s elegant, practical and built for 2 riders. The M+
effortlessly zips around urban streets, boulevards and alleys at 45
km/h with a real city riding range of well over 100 km.

All models have an on-board computer that constantly communicates with
the cloud so you can view real-time data on your smart phone like GPS,
recent rides, and even anti-theft alerts. It is also provided regular
Over The Air Updates (OTA) that gets you the most updated software for
your scooter.

 On secret sales pages we offer special discount only for certain
models Promotional campaign begins at Saturday 15th June 2019 and its
valid limited time Visit us online shop and find out which models are
on the discount





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