[Pkg-clamav-devel] Bug#981384: clamtk: The app doesn't scan files/folders on demand

Ulrich Harttig ulrich.harttig at arcturion.de
Sun Feb 7 12:46:16 GMT 2021


> clamtk
> *** unhandled exception in callback:
> ***   FATAL: invalid GtkDialogFlags value no-separator, expecting:
> modal / GTK_DIALOG_MODAL, destroy-with-parent /
> GTK_DIALOG_USE_HEADER_BAR at /usr/share/perl5/Gtk3.pm line 1136. ***
> ignoring at /usr/share/perl5/Gtk3.pm line 572.

This bug also affects the "Analysis" function and is caused by an error in two
modules of ClamTk, /usr/share/perl5/ClamTk/Analysis.pm
and /usr/share/perl5/ClamTk/Scan.pm
There, Gtk3::Dialog->new is called with the parameter "no-separator"
which is invalid for Gtk3 as the error message states (it was valid in

In Gtk3.pm, prior to the current version, the handling of the flags in Gtk3::Dialog->new was buggy . This was changed in version 0.038 , see
so this problem only appears with the most recent version of Gtk3.pm

with best regards

Ulrich Harttig
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