Clojure 1.9 in testing, mailing list migration, tools.deps.alpha

Elana Hashman ehashman at
Sat Aug 4 22:50:37 BST 2018

Greetings, programs!

It's been a while since I last sent one of these mails. For those of
you who attended DebConf, I hope you had a great time! Sorry I wasn't
able to make it and host a BoF :(

Here are some updates from me, per the subject line:

* Clojure 1.9 in testing

This hasn't happened yet, but we're getting close. I spent a bunch of
time at a BSP I organized in June working on the clojure1.8 -> 1.9
upgrade path. I *think* with my last upload (1.9.0-5), piuparts should
pass. I wanted to make it possible to install multiple versions of
clojure at a time, but the alternatives groups were broken, so it took
me a while to fix it.

Once my latest upload hits the archives and piuparts passes, I'm going
to let it loose on testing.

* Mailing list migration

You may have seen my CC earlier today on a request to get our mailing
list migrated to Once that list is created, we're
going to need to start migrating all our packages over to the new
email. If anyone wants to volunteer to help with that effort, I'd be

I'm planning on listing the new email as:

Debian Clojure Team <debian-clojure at>

to match our Salsa branding and to reduce typing.

* tools.deps.alpha

We received a bug report[*] about how we don't use the upstream CLI
scripts, and hence we don't match upstream's docs or tutorials.
Sadness :(

Unfortunately, tools.deps.alpha is a monster of an ITP. Its dependency
tree looks as bad as Leiningen's to me. If anyone wants to take this
on, feel free to reassign the ITP to yourself. I would love to have
the new clojure CLI in Debian prior to the buster release, but at the
rate I'm currently working I doubt I can make that happen alone. Maybe
I'm being overly negative and it's easier than it appears---take a
look and let me know! If you need a sponsor and reviewer for those
uploads I can do it.

Hope everyone is well, and looking forward to hearing your own

- e

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