Bug#900299: leiningen-clojure: depends on openjdk-8

Elana Hashman ehashman at debian.org
Mon Jun 4 14:24:04 BST 2018

Hi Emilio,

Why was this bug filed as serious? Leiningen has a direct dependency on
Java 8 and upstream has not yet been updated to use a newer version of
Java, as the public Java 11 builds aren't really available yet. I had to
pin the build to Java 8 as it does not work properly with Java 9+ yet.
Java 11 won't even be released until September I think?

I was not under the impression that Java 8 would be removed from buster,
so I don't see this bug as release critical. While it might not be
officially supported by upstream, RedHat should still be releasing
security patches.

- e
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