Reproducible builds perf degredation [was: Major Clojure 1.10 performance degredation on JDK11]

Elana Hashman ehashman at
Sun Feb 10 16:24:29 GMT 2019

On Sun, Feb 10, 2019 at 11:12:29AM -0500, Elana Hashman wrote:
> I'm gonna guess, based on my earlier testing, that other 4s of startup
> time can be accounted for by the fact that spec and core.specs are built
> with stripped nondeterminism. Let me try turning that off in a -2
> release and see if that solves the other ~3s of slowness.

Confirmed! Here's a build using the core.specs/spec *-2 releases with
strip_nondetermism disabled:

time java -cp debian/libclojure-java/usr/share/java/clojure-1.10.0.jar clojure.main -e ''

real	0m1.610s
user	0m3.776s
sys	0m0.160s
time java -cp debian/libclojure-java/usr/share/java/clojure-1.10.0.jar clojure.main -e ''

real	0m11.399s
user	0m28.725s
sys	0m0.600s

I'm gonna proceed with uploads with that shut off so we can get 1.10 in
before soft freeze and we can try to address the issues with
reproducible builds later. Note that clojure, even with
dh_strip_nondeterminism turned on, still isn't reproducible due to
non-deterministic Java bytecode[*], so we're not really losing out on
anything here...

I'll add an update to the reproducible builds bug.

- e

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