Bug#900299: leiningen-clojure: depends on openjdk-8

Elana Hashman ehashman at debian.org
Sat Feb 23 23:34:53 GMT 2019

On Tue, Jan 22, 2019 at 05:39:46PM -0800, Phil Hagelberg wrote:
> It looks like it's been fixed in newer versions of Clojure, but we
> haven't bumped that in Leiningen yet.

Note that this has been fixed upstream in the 2.9.0 release. I've been
trying to upgrade Leiningen in Debian to this new release but the jar is
not working properly with the current build strategy; it's slow and
can't seem to find clojure.main on any JVM.

I've had no luck trying to pin down where the bug is and the complexity
of the build is not helping. So this weekend I am going to look into
changing the build to more closely match upstream, now that we've
bootstrapped a working Leiningen into the archive. This would involve
building Leiningen with a previous version of itself, as upstream does.
(In Debian, we currently build the leiningen-core jar using Maven and
then attempt to build the entire Leiningen codebase with that.)

- e
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