Debian Clojure team pre-freeze updates

Elana Hashman ehashman at
Mon Jan 7 16:32:36 GMT 2019

Hi Clojure Team!

Wanted to send out a quick mail with some pre-freeze updates.

I've updated our Goals wiki page with some things I'd like to see
accomplished before freeze.[1] I know that Cyril Brulebois (cc'd) is
also doing some work on puppetdb, although many deps are FTBFS so it's
unclear if we'll manage to get that back into buster.

But to quote the wiki page, my main goals are:

- Update Leiningen to 2.8.3
- Update Clojure to 1.10



I thought this would be a pretty straightforward upgrade until I
realized upstream has moved from org.clojure/ to the
new upstream nrepl. Since upstream appears to be
abandoned now, this probably means we'll need to do some sort of
transitional update of tools-nrepl-clojure.

There are about 8 different build-rdeps for nREPL, Leiningen and
puppetdb included, so I wanted to send an email to the list before I
went ahead with any work there.

Perhaps the cleanest solution would be to upload the new nREPL as a
separate package with the new name nrepl-clojure, leaving
tools-nrepl-clojure alone for buster, with a plan to eventually
transition and RM that package.


I had a very ambitious dream of getting the new CLI `clj` tools into
Debian for the buster release but I don't think it's gonna happen at
this point. Even with a lot of patching to reduce the dependency burden
for tools.deps.alpha, I think it will be too much work to try to finish
in 5 days... Perhaps later as a backport. I *would* like to upgrade the
current clojure/libclojure-java packages to 1.10 for the release if

I had also wanted to move away from the unversioned clojure packages,
but because the 1.10 upgrade will require an upgrade of spec and
core.specs, both of which are separate (and I think
backwards-incompatible) packages, I think it's going to be too
challenging to maintain that, so perhaps we should just stick with a
versionless clojure for >1.8.

Let me know if there's anything you would like to see land before
buster, and if there's anything you'd like to help out with!

- e
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