Should we close #927706? [was Re: A final round of buster updates for the Clojure team]

Tom Marble tmarble at
Mon May 13 15:28:28 BST 2019

Elana Hashman <ehashman at> writes:
> Rob has pointed out that Clojure 1.10 has experienced a performance
> regression on JDK11, which seems to be getting patched in the 1.10.1
> release.

I actually went as far as getting release team pre-approval for this fix
and backporting just the deltas from CLJ-2484 and in doing final testing
realized that the performance was unaffected (it was already no longer
pathalogical). I presume this is due to some changes in openjdk-11.

It would be great to see if anyone could either reproduce or confirm
the lack of a regression with the existing version of Clojure in the archive.

Unless we get a confirmation I propose we close #927706.

Please test!


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