clojure wrapper script in debian package seems fallen behind

Rob Browning rlb at
Sun Sep 29 16:33:50 BST 2019

Elana Hashman <ehashman at> writes:

> Yup, this is a known issue:
> For a little history, the clojure script in Debian predates the upstream
> clojure CLI tools by at least 5 years. I did not have time to package
> and switch over to the new entrypoint script for the buster release, nor
> did other folks have a chance to pick that up on the Clojure team.

This might be the plan (and I might have already mentioned it somewhere
-- can't recall), but assuming clj's interface isn't the same as ours,
then I'd be tempted to keep the existing /usr/bin/clojure (assuming it
doesn't conflict with anything new upstream) when we add /usr/bin/clj
(and for us, maybe also clj-X.Y if there's still a need).

That way existing code (particularly version insensitive code) may
continue to work.  I have any number of things that would break and have
to be reworked if/when the existing script vanishes or changes behavior.

Then presumably, we might drop the script after a major version or two
if we think we want to.

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