Bug#905456: Please create new list debian-clojure

Alexander Wirt formorer at debian.org
Thu Sep 10 20:52:40 BST 2020


> I realize that alioth-lists.debian.net is only a temporary service and
> will be going away within the next couple of years[1]. It would be
> better to move the Clojure packaging list
> <pkg-clojure-maintainers at lists.alioth.debian.org> sooner versus later.
> I'm currently the admin of that list.
> This has been proposed as part of our team's overall Alioth
> migration[2].
> The details...
> Name: debian-clojure at lists.debian.org
> Rationale: see above
> Short description: Clojure packages and maintenance
> Long description: Coordination of the maintenance of Clojure packages
>     in Debian.
> Category: Developers
> Subscription Policy: open
> Post Policy: open
> Web Archive: yes
> Moving an existing list: Attachment has an encrypted list of current
>     subscribers in the correct format (one email per line). I
>     encrypted it for Alex's key as he is listed as responsible for
>     list creation.[3]
Sorry for joining late. Could you please upgrade the list of subscribers
and provide me with the archive of the old alioth list?

Thanks in advance


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