Leiningen & Clojure packaging week 4

Eugenio Cano-Manuel Mendoza eugeniocanom at gmail.com
Fri Jul 12 06:13:52 UTC 2013


This week was dedicated to improving what we already had:

*Goals met this week:*
*Continued separating into smaller modules, rewrote lein_makepkg.
*Improved testing. Increased code coverage from 50% to 84%. (added almost
20 more tests).
*Redesigned the project.clj parser so it's now more general. Created a new
PropertiesParser which allows us to fetch project properties from different
*Added a pom parser in case we want to use a pom file instead of a
project.clj (we could possibly use both in the future).
*Started packaging core.cache

*What I'm working on:*
*Finish packaging core.cache.

*Next week:*
I'm currently arranging with my mentors the goals for the next couple of
weeks. I want to review what we have so far[1]. I will reply to this
message during the weekend to update my goals.

I had some issues packaging core.cache but my mentors helped me figure it
all out. They also have me some pointers on how to improve code coverage
and provided some useful python tips. Overall I'm happy with clojurehelper
getting more mature every day.

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