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Eugenio Cano-Manuel Mendoza eugeniocanom at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 09:22:37 UTC 2013

Today I made changes in all the packages that I've been taking care of
(10), here's a list of changes:

quoin: Use maven-repo-helper + cleanup
scout: Use maven-repo-helper + cleanup
core.cache: Use maven-repo-helper + changed jar name
data.xml: Use maven-repo-helper + changed jar name
stencil: Use maven-repo-helper + changed core.cache jar name on classpath
io: Use maven-repo-helper
regex: Use maven-repo-helper
tools.cli: Use maven-repo-helper + changed jar name
parsley: Use maven-repo-helper
sjacket: Use maven-repo-helper

I made sure all the packages are available at /usr/share/maven-repo, this
was done using maven-repo-helper as Wolodja mentioned earlier.

I also changed hypirion-io-clojure to io-clojure as mentioned in another
thread (the repo has also been changed to io-clojure). Also the following
jar files have been renamed:

hypyrion-io.jar -> io.jar
clojure-core-cache.jar -> core.cache.jar
clojure-data-xml.jar -> data.xml.jar
clojure-tools-cli.jar -> tools.cli.jar

The approach is just to use whatever name is supposed to have as long as
it's not taken already. If this is not correct let me know before I change
lein_makepkg to do this by default.

I hope this is more in line with what has been discussed if not please let
me know, I might have misunderstood the message.

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