indexer-core dependencies

Eugenio Cano-Manuel Mendoza eugeniocanom at
Wed Aug 28 15:13:00 UTC 2013


I'm packaging indexer-core and I realized we have some dependencies
that are not shown on titanpad. pom.xml indicates that they're
optional but they're required for the build and they haven't been
packaged yet. indexer-core depends on the following artifacts:


archetype-common depends on archetype-testing and archetype-models. If
we are to package these two we might instead just package
org.apache.maven.archetype as a whole and provide all the archetype-*
submodules there since there are only 5 submodules, we are using 3 and
the other 2 look trivial.

archetype-common also depends on another library (about the size of
archetype a little bigger maybe) called org.codehaus.cargo. We can
either package org.codehaus.cargo.core (which is what we really depend
on) or package org.codehaus.cargo and provide core within it.

archetype-common also depends on jchardet which looks trivial. This is
the last dependency for archetype-common.

the truezip submodules are provided by de.schlichtherle.truezip. It
has many submodules but we only need truezip-file, truezip-driver-zip,
 truezip-kernel, and truezip-path if I'm not mistaken.

None of the above depend on anything else that has not been mentioned
(unless I missed something while reading the pom files). So that would
leave us with org.apache.maven.archetype and org.codehaus.cargo (with
all their submodules), truezip (only 4 submodules), and jchardet.

archetype and cargo are licensed under Apache, truezip is EPL and
jchardet is Mozilla Public License.

If you have time please double check that these are the dependencies.
I've thought of packaging an older version of indexer-core but it
still depends on archetype-common which is the library that's bringing
most of the dependencies. Leiningen seems to be using indexer-core a
lot so no replacement there and I believe we cannot patch indexer-core

Any thoughts?


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