ITP: leiningen -- simple build system for Clojure

Elana Hashman elana at
Sun Apr 30 17:55:36 UTC 2017

Owner: Elana Hashman <debian at>

Hi all,

Phil has done a bunch of great work significantly reducing the 
dependency profile of leiningen, so I have updated all the blocking 
issues and we are down to 8.

Of those, two are addressed by packages sitting in NEW and I will have 
more to follow. I wrote a (janky, alpha) tool to assist in Clojure 
packaging, for anyone that might be interested:

I just got added to the Debian Java and Debian Clojure packaging groups 
so I should be able to start working on some of the version upgrades as 

ChangZhuo, I'm going to claim this bug since I haven't heard anything 
from you in the last few months :)

- e

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