ITP: leiningen -- simple build system for Clojure

Elana Hashman debian at
Mon May 29 02:14:55 UTC 2017


We are getting very close!

I have completed packaging for the three outstanding blocking bugs:

- #862233: use maven 3.5.0 and upgrade to pomegranate 0.4.0-alpha1 
-- this
   one is complicated, wanted a few more eyes before upload, but I did 
test it

- #712908: packaged stencil 0.5.0 -- 
   Warsaw promised me he'd upload this at the PyCon sprints

- #719664: packaged parsley 0.9.3 -- 
just need
   a sponsor

Once these all get uploaded and freeze is over, we should be able to get 
leiningen packaging completed. Looking forward to that.

- e

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