Clojure 1.9, Leiningen, ClojureSYNC, and the Ubuntu LTS Freeze

Elana Hashman ehashman at
Tue Feb 27 14:51:44 UTC 2018

Hi team!

I've been putting off giving an update for worry of not giving a
sufficiently good/long update, so I'll just give you a quick one to keep
the team informed.

- I started work on Clojure 1.9, which required a 1.9 alpha to be
  packaged in order to build all of 1.9. All of the dependencies for
  building 1.9 have now been accepted into the archive. I reached out to
  Emmanuel for help with the 1.9 build, as I ran into some ant classpath

- Last you heard from me, Leiningen had been uploaded and accepted. But
  Leiningen doesn't build with Clojure 1.9, so uploading the 1.9 alpha
  caused it to FTBFS. I then uploaded Clojure 1.8 (with the help of rlb)
  to fix this, but now I need to go back and add libclojure1.8-java as
  an alternate dependency for all of lein's Clojure build deps. Giant
  headache. That work is being tracked here:
  And the FTBFS bug report is here:

- I gave a talk at ClojureSYNC about Debian and some of my work on the
  Clojure team. No video yet, but the talk page is here:

I am trying to get all of this done before the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS feature
freeze on March 1st, in the stated order (as the Leiningen work is
technically a giant mess of bug fixes).

If you want to help out, feel free to submit PRs! All of our repos
should now be on salsa. Phil Hagelberg submitted the first PR to the
clojure-team and I'm told it was painless and quite a pleasant
contribution experience.

- e
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