#889533 fixes; RM of "clojure" package in favoured of versioned names?

Emmanuel Bourg ebourg at apache.org
Tue Mar 20 22:04:17 UTC 2018

On 18/03/2018 18:46, Elana Hashman wrote:

> Given how much work this has generated, I think going forward it would
> be good to switch back to purely versioned Clojure packages (e.g.
> clojure1.8, clojure1.9, clojure1.10...) and RM the existing "clojure"
> package. I am hoping that this will avoid dependency breakage as we
> upload new versions of Clojure in the future. However, there's a lot of
> work to be done with updating all the dependencies to get to that state,
> so I wanted to reach out to the team and get your opinions, other
> options, discuss, etc. before anyone can move forward on this. I
> certainly won't be able to drive all the updates alone.

Ironically, I re-introduced the versionless clojure package because
changing all packages dependencies from clojure-1.x to clojure-1.y was
too time consuming ;)

Maybe we could adopt a strategy similar to the default-jdk package
depending on openjdk-8-jdk. clojure would thus depend on clojure-1.z.
But this isn't a magic solution that will make the future transitions
painless I'm afraid.

Emmanuel Bourg

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