[Pkg-cmake-team] Bug#905140: Bug#905140: Bug #905140 in cmake marked as pending

Felix Geyer fgeyer at debian.org
Thu Aug 9 22:49:02 BST 2018


On 09.08.2018 22:38, Svante Signell wrote:
> Hello,
> What about the bugs with patches, e.g. for Hurd and kFreeBSD. Still
> somebody needs to NMU this package... You don't seem interested in
> fixing bugs to your package, except RC ones.
> Not the ideal way Debian maintainers should work with their packages...

Instead of making wild accusations I suggest that instead you respond
to questions on bugs you opened.
I'm not interested in maintaining patches for things that clearly belong upstream.
Once upstream has reviewed the changes I'm happy to cherry-pick them.

#905138 on 2018-08-01:
> Have you forwarded your non-packaging changes upstream to cmake / libuv
> (#905140 is already fixed in 3.12)?
> I really don't want to carry those as patches.

The same applies to #900240


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