[Pkg-crosswire-devel] Bibledit and Biblememorizer packages

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 06:59:31 BST 2009

>> I don't think waiting on 1.5.12 is a good idea. Right now, Xiphos,
>> BibleTime, and Bible Memorizer all work with 1.5.11.
> Well, yes and no -- there are open confirmed BibleTime bugs awaiting
> fixes known to be in the SWORD subversion codebase.  Some of those bugs
> are fairly significant, like making personal notes totally unusable on
> 64bit Ubuntu.  Probably Xiphos is in a similar position.

I don't think that is entirely the case. I believe the bug to be that
if you copy the personal commentary from a 32 bit machine to 64 (or
vice versa) they will no longer work correctly. At any rate, I don't
mean to disagree that some fairly serious bugs have been fixed since

>> We may have to do some work with Xiphos to ensure full compatibility
>> with 1.5.12, and I imagine the other programs would be in the same
>> situation.
> Interesting; I thought I'd seen a post in sword-devel archives saying
> all the known major apps that use SWORD now compile and link and "work"
> against SWORD svn head?  Which, since there don't seem to be branches in
> the SWORD svn, is presumably as close to "1.5.12" as anything currently
> in existence.  Maybe there is a gap between "work" and "full compatibility".

I routinely compile Xiphos against SWORD svn. It does compile, but
currently there are some issues (eg, SWORD now takes the reference
"isa 1" and sends you to 1 Samuel). Many of the revisions lately have
broken functionality; though most have been fixed, I want to make sure
that everything works as expected when we get closer to 1.5.12.
Currently we have been given no sign of when we might expect a

>> I think getting these programs and libsword 1.5.11 uploaded would be
>> a very good thing.
> Can you elaborate on why that is so?  We could probably do it... but
> we're years away from the next Debian release, and about four months
> from the next Ubuntu release feature freeze.  So, unless 1.5.12 is going
> to be delayed for several more months even under a "release early,
> release often" SWORD policy, what is the benefit (and to whom) of our
> packaging up everything for 1.5.11 now?  Won't we just end up redoing
> and re-testing the packaging for 1.5.12 anyway in a few weeks or so?

As I said, we have been given no promise as to when 1.5.12 will be
released. In the meantime, I would personally like to see 1.5.11 and
Xiphos 3.0.1 get into Debian. I have already had to help some people
get Xiphos compiled on Debian (using the Ubuntu source packages), so I
would just like to be able to point them to binaries. 1.5.11 and
Xiphos 3 are a *huge* improvement over what is in the repos. So I
guess my reasons are selfish; I'm not familiar with Debian so it's
hard for me to support it. In addition, while Xiphos 3.0.1 *should*
compile against 1.5.12 and work reasonably well, I can't guarantee it
at this point, and we may be a couple of months away from another
release. Perhaps I'm being over-cautious, but I was a little
disappointed that we didn't make it into Jaunty, and would feel better
if we could at least get these current packages in.


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