[Pkg-crosswire-devel] Bibledit and Biblememorizer packages

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 22:44:01 BST 2009

> Overall trying to make 1.5.12 both a "lots of bugfixes" and a "new
> alternate versification" release may be asking too much of a single release?

There are many who would agree with that statement. However the
official answer is that 1.5.12 will have alternate versification
however long that takes.

> You could do that with the equivalent of the binaries in pkgcrosswire's
> team PPA, or some similar Debian-focused private distribution
> repository.  I'm starting to point Ubuntu folks to my own PPA for
> BibleTime, though I should switch to the pkgcrosswire PPA instead really.

We did have something like this for Debian, but discontinued it when
this group started. We may have to re-consider; however, we have very
little knowledge of Debian packaging, and we only had 32bit binaries
as it was.

> Which is fair enough, especially if others are in the same position.
> Although getting packages into Debian unstable only helps if you are
> supporting users who are knowledgeable enough to run an unstable
> release... in which case they are presumably knowledgeable enough to
> also add a private repository containing updated SWORD/Xiphos/etc packages?
> In other words, we could get to the relative ease of installation by:
>  1. Add two lines to a sources.list file
>  2. apt-get update
>  3. apt-get install xiphos
> without actually having packages in Debian or Ubuntu.  AFAIK we are
> basically at this point now, at least for BibleTime (I've not tried it
> for Xiphos, hoping Dmitry was running with that one).

Yes, I'm satisfied as long as we can point people to somewhere with
binary packages, although it would be preferable to get them into the
distribution of course. For Xiphos with Ubuntu, the PPA has been
working great. (thanks, Dmitry)

>> ... I was a little disappointed that we didn't make it into Jaunty,
>> and would feel better if we could at least get these current packages
>> in.
> I was disappointed too, but, well, we didn't make it.  This sounds as
> though you are now suggesting a strategy (at least for Debian) closer to
> use of a private repository rather than waiting for the next official
> Debian release?  My mental model ties packaging for a given distro to
> that distro's release timetable... but maybe Debian doesn't necessarily
> fit that model?

As I said, I don't understand the Debian world very much. I use
Ubuntu, so I understand apt-get and friends, but do not know how the
stable/unstable situation really works for Debian. If someone could
help us setup a repo for Debian, that would be great. (If Launchpad
would allow Debian packages, I think that would be the best)


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