[Pkg-crosswire-devel] RFS: bibledit 3.8-1 for Debian unstable

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Sat Aug 15 05:19:28 BST 2009

Daniel Glassey wrote:

>>  dget http://computeroptions.net/sword/bibledit_3.8-1.dsc

> Should be uploaded now.


> I modified the patch 02_bibledit-shutdown-manpage.patch (attached as I
> haven't got the hang of bzr yet). It previously only changed
> Makefile.am so the build was trying to run automake, fail and skip
> that step. It now makes the appropriate change to Makefile.in.

Ah, OK.  That also explains why I sometimes (rarely) got a lintian
warning about "patch system but direct changes in diff.gz"... which I
was unable to reproduce, and so had written off as a fluke.  Turns out
it was happening only if I did debuild and then debuild -S -sa --
because the debuild modified Makefile.in before the source package files
were built!

I'll feed this improved patch into bzr.

It seems the very latest bibledit under development no longer needs all
the "extra" bibledit-* executables... and therefore we could get rid of
the associated man pages... but that version is not released yet :)

Jonathan (who is now playing with a newly quad-core equipped desktop...
my birthday present to myself was a shiny new Intel Q9550 CPU, too cheap
to resist at 'only' US$169)

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