[Pkg-crosswire-devel] Thoughts on sword-frontend and packaging sword modules

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Mon Aug 17 19:26:50 BST 2009

Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:

> * Is there a need for virtual package "sword-frontend"?
> Sword library package suggest to install sword-frontend. Previously
> sword-frontend was provided by bibledit, ...

Surely not?  Bibledit is not a SWORD frontend.  Bibletime, maybe?

> Can I go ahead and kill virtual sword-frontend cause I don't quite see
> use for it?

If we ever start doing .deb packaged SWORD modules, those modules would 
presumably benefit from a "Suggests:" or "Recommends:" of a sword 
frontend, so that when you install a packaged SWORD module, you have a 
way to figure out what program you need to use it.

So I'd say leave it in unless you can show it definitely causes 
problems.  If "Recommends:" causes issues somehow, then reduce it to a 
"Suggests:", but don't just drop it entirely.

> Similar virtual package "sword-text" was previously causing for the
> arabic bible to be pulled in cause arabic bible is "sword-text-arasvd"
> and it is sorted first alphanumerically.

Old issue, no longer happening AFAIK... are you saying this bug 
currently exists with our latest packages??  Please explain!

> I've played around with Jonathan's scripts. Scripts are nice =) But
> this scripts are packaging binary files from a raw zip file into a
> deb.

> Something that would be great is to actually get hold of source (eg
> OSIS formatted texts) and then use $format2mod utilities to build
> these modules and recreate from scratch files that are packaged in
> rawzip's.

Sure, but in most cases, those sources are not made available by 
CrossWire, as far as I know... I'll let you try to persuade CrossWire to 
change their policy on that :)

> If we actually want to build modules from sources then we need
> sword-utils package =) cause otherwise we'll have to build depend on
> each libsword soname package (libsword8, libsword9 etc)

Hmmm.  Seems an odd argument for a sword-utils package to me... maybe an 
argument for for a libsword virtual package that has no content but 
depends on the current libswordN package?


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