[Pkg-crosswire-devel] WeSay, Bibledit launchers in Linux

Kim Blewett kim_blewett at sil.org
Wed Aug 26 19:51:19 BST 2009


WeSay's launchers, or .desktop files, are back--thanks, Cambell! But 
they don't have icons showing. I see that the icons are placed into 
/usr/share/icons/hicolor/24x24/apps, and  .../48x48/apps. When I copy 
the icons to /usr/share/pixmaps the launchers display them properly.

I know they're supposed to work in the .../hicolor folders, but for some 
reason they don't with Jaunty Xubuntu. A similar problem has been 
occurring with Bibledit recently (although BE's icon is auto-placed into 

The weird thing is-- as far as I can see, AdaptIt's (default) .desktop 
file is set up exactly the same as WeSay's, files in the same folders, 
same "icon=..." naming convention, but AI's icon does show up.

I do also know that you can place .svg files into the pixmaps folder, or 
into the .../hicolor/scalable folder, and apps that can use svgs will 
display them to the right size.

I'm copying Andy Palmowski, who's working on lxlauncher for Balsa, and 
the AI and Bibledit teams. Maybe someone has an idea about this?


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