[Pkg-crosswire-devel] Why are there quilt packages in pkgcrosswire PPA?

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Mon Aug 31 01:59:34 BST 2009

Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:

> In xiphos I use dh small rules file with add-ons and the quilt *-7 
> added the dh --with quild addon. and hence I need them to build
> xiphos in all suites but karmic.

> I like dh a lot =) ...

That's fine in itself, but why would we want to give up the ability to
use the existing available packaging tools, and require special
custom-made ones, just because you "like dh a lot" ?  Shouldn't a change
like this have been discussed here before being implemented?  How does
this benefit end users of the pkgcrosswire software?

Could you please work to get your special updated packaging tools
officially backported into the older Ubuntu releases, so we can avoid
the need for carrying unique pkgcrosswire-specific versions of them in
our PPA?


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