[Pkg-crosswire-devel] BT docs, help and manpages

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Sun Feb 1 01:55:26 GMT 2009

Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:

>> OK; we're on the same page on this one, good.  Are there any BibleTime
>> developers and/or Crosswire people here who would be either happy or
>> unhappy if we split the documentation out into a separate binary package
>> (which could be arch-independent of course, so avoiding this lintian
>> complaint)?

> Knowing how "kind" upstream is I would split everything in 
> /usr/share/ into one bibletime-common or bibletime-data. Cause I 
> don't think we are at the point of splitting it further per language 
> cause I don't (yet) want to maintain each language and figure out how
> to make apt download the correct language package.

Sounds reasonable, but see below about Help usage.  I suppose we could
do a Depends: bibletime-common in the bibletime binary package?

BTW, Jordan Mantha (aka LaserJock) is probably our guy for how to do
per-language stuff like that, I'm pretty sure he said he'd done it for
his distribution already.  But that is a luxury which can wait.

> BTW I did this for gnomesword (I should push changes for a review).

Sure.  Except that it is now Xiphos (I'm waiting to see how some
non-Greek-speakers will mis-pronounce that name...) :)

I did notice that BT seems to be using these documentation trees in its
Help menu, so we need to check that if you install it without them, you
don't get nasty error messages when you try and use Help :)

[Aside... I just noticed that right now BT's help wants to browse these
documents under /usr/local/share/bibletime/docs ... which happens to
work here, only because I did a manual install of BT earlier, but we
can't package it that way!  /usr/local is out of bounds for packaged
software... ]

>> One thought: has anyone tried building and running this version of
>> BibleTime against the current libsword6 packages??  If that combination
>> works, then we could get BT updated in Debian (experimental) even before
>> we have libsword7 in a suitably finished state for upload.

> Well that would be cool =D I'm still working on libsword7. I'm playing with
> symbols files so far they are misbehaving. But I should sort it out
> soon. 

OK.  What exactly is going wrong with that?  Do you have an example of
what breaks?

> Then the only thing left would be manpages.

Manpages for Bibletime:  I see no lintian warnings about man pages at
all.  Am I missing something?

Manpages for bibledit: I just grabbed the new manpages from their git
(Teus is doing a lot to help us get this packaged!), editing them
minimally, and added them my new branch at
lp:~pkgcrosswire/bibledit/manpages -- and then proposed that for merge
and put you as the reviewer :)

Manpages for libsword7: This is a different kind of issue -- do we need
one manpage for each documented library API function?  We didn't have
them for libsword6, but that was a different era and maybe the rules are
tighter now than they used to be about that?


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