[Pkg-crosswire-devel] [bt-devel] BibleTime 1.7rc1 released - PLEASE TEST - 1.7 final scheduled very soon

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Wed Feb 4 07:51:01 GMT 2009

Martin Gruner wrote:

> 1.7rc1 is out.
> Special attention needs to be paid to the Bookshelf Manager which is used to 
> download and install modules.

Looks good here, based on my initial testing tonight; I downloaded it
and packaged it for Ubuntu, and then installed from the package and
tested it lightly, including some experimenting with the Bookshelf
Manager.  No obvious bugs emerged.  This is on a Ubuntu 8.10 64bit
(amd64) machine with dual-core CPU.

A couple of minor things:

(a) The move from a versioning scheme of 1.7.beta3 to 1.7rc1 (the first
had a period between the numeric and alpha parts of the version, but the
second does not) broke my debian/watch file -- so uscan could not tell
me that 1.6rc1 was available, nor could it automatically grab it for me.
 It thinks 1.7.beta3 is a higher version that 1.7rc1, basically.

While I think the omission of that period is fine, making this change in
how you label versions, while keeping the main x.y version the same, was
unexpected.  Whatever you do, please do try to keep it consistent going
forward if you can, so that automated systems such as uscan and the
debian/watch file work as intended.

(b) If it is not too much work, it would help me out as a packager if,
when you release 1.7 (and future versions!) you could release the source
code as a .tar.gz (as well as the current format of tar.bz2 if that is
what some folks prefer).

The reason for this is that .tar.gz is the form of "upstream" source
code tarball that Debian and Ubuntu packaging expects to work with;
anything else has to be handled specially, essentially by carefully
repacking it into a .tar.gz form, writing a Makefile rule that does that
repacking, and documenting that this was done.  So it is a (small)
amount of extra work and testing to package something that is released
as a .tar.bz2, for us.

Incidentally, the current status of our BibleTime packaging is that it
looks good, nice and clean now, and in fact is probably somewhat ahead
of our progress with sword 1.5.11 packaging at this point; we're hoping
to get both sword 1.5.11 and BibleTime 1.7 into Ubuntu Jaunty if we
possibly can!



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