[Pkg-crosswire-devel] [bt-devel] BibleTime 1.7rc1 released - PLEASE TEST - 1.7 final scheduled very soon

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Wed Feb 4 20:02:48 GMT 2009

Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:

> I have noticed that the system has changed between releases but
> didn't bother to point it out. I think the only reason why this
> happened is that nobody has asked this and we haven't therefore paid
> attention. I guess Martin will happily use some standard. Is there
> any recommendation?

I don't think it matters greatly, as long as it is consistent; Martin 
has now released a bibletime-1.7.rc1.tar.gz for us (thanks!), so we'll 
expect to use that naming format from here onwards.

> Also, if you have something regarding packaging which could be  
> integrated into the BibleTime source code repository we may be willing  
> to integrate it. I have thought about a "packaging/" subdirectory for  
> Debian, Fedora etc., but I don't know if it's needed or useful.

I think it is best for the Debian/Ubuntu package stuff (the debian/ 
directory) to stay in the packaging team repository.  Debian and Ubuntu 
specifically do *not* want upstream projects to include a debian/ 
directory in their source tarball releases.  And since our packaging 
team is already using their Launchpad bzr repository to good effect, 
switching to use BibleTime's svn doesn't seem to get us any useful 
benefit at this stage.

It *could* make sense for an up to date bibletime.spec file to be added 
to the main source tarballs, because the RPM packaging system rpmbuild 
tool can then build RPMs directly out of such a tar.gz file (possibly 
from a tar.bz2 also, I'm not sure).  So doing that could help for 
Fedora/CentOS/Mandriva/... users.  Of course, first you need a working 
and tested bibletime.spec file, then you can add it to the tarball :)

There is apparently a file docs/development/bibletime.spec.in already, 
in the source tarball.  I have not even read it carefully, never mind 
tested it, at this point. Its most recent changelog entry is from 2003. 
  If there is currently an active BibleTime RPM packaging team (or 
individual), then they would be the one(s) to ask about this!


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