[Pkg-crosswire-devel] [bt-devel] BibleTime 1.7rc1 released - PLEASE TEST - 1.7 final scheduled very soon

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Thu Feb 5 03:31:42 GMT 2009

Frank wrote:

>> Once I removed the 1.6.5 package and then installed the 1.7 package,
>> it installed OK.

Thanks, I'll look at this one.

> The Menu item is still "Bibletime Bible Study Tool" not
> reflecting the upgrade, though it does start the 1.7 version.

And this one, which also sounds like a packaging issue.  I have already
more-or-less duplicated this one here (going from 1.7.beta3 to 1.7.rc1;
not starting with

> The major problem is, it doesn't like GenBook Bibles.  BT crashes when I
> choose either DRCgb or LXXM.  Also trying to index those files causes a
> crash.

That one sounds more like an "upstream" bug, and I'd think a bug in the
sword 1.5.11 library, not in BibleTime...

Confirmed: I just installed DRCgb here and diatheke segfaults when
trying to use it.  So I would say this is almost certainly not a
BibleTime bug.

Questions arising:

(1) Is sword-1.5.11 *supposed* to support GenBook bibles?

(2) Are there any GenBook bibles out there that are not in beta?


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