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Paul Hummer paul at eventuallyanyway.com
Sat Feb 7 18:04:42 GMT 2009

> Yeah, they haven't had a chance to get bzrtools upgraded for the
> latest bzr version. I've been poking #bzr about it. Hopefully it
> should be working soon.

Instead of "building from source" (which isn't really done because bzr is
python), why not just have bzrtools stored locally in yoru ~/.bazaar/plugins
directory.  Do the following:

  $ mkdir -p ~/.bazaar/plugins
  $ cd ~/.bazaar/plugins
  $ bzr branch lp:bzrtools bzrtools
  $ bzr branch lp:bzr-builddeb builddeb

This will give you a local copy of the plugins you need, and then you're not
dependent on the bzr ppa for your plugins (which often aren't given enough
priority sometimes).  Also, the developers of bzrtools and bzr-builddeb make
sure that they keep current with bzr, so they don't bitrot.

> > Thanks, I'll try that when I get back but this is only a temporary
> > measure until the jaunty deadline. imho It would be very unhelpful,
> > maybe even 'inconsiderate' (Ubuntu CoC) for Debian to have to use
> > extra steps like that just to get access to the repo.
> This is a problem, and not just for Debian. I've discussed this issue
> with a Launchpad code hosting developer. I think perhaps Launchpad
> needs to be able to specify what versions of bzr a branch will work
> with *and* allow people to easily change the branch format to
> something more compatible if so desired. The problem right now is that
> people are using such a broad range of bzr versions (bzr releases
> monthly) that a backwards-incompatible change in branch format, even
> if not very often, can really be a pain.

This is something I will probably address this week.  It makes sense to take
information we're already storing, and make it more valuable to our users.

Paul Hummer
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