[Pkg-crosswire-devel] RFS: sword and xiphos

dmitrij.ledkov at gmail.com dmitrij.ledkov at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 22:14:56 GMT 2009

Dear all

I'm looking for sponsor of the following two packages. Both of them are lintian clean.

sword - builds libsword library and firends which are used to access SWORD formatted bibles

xiphos - a really neat GTK frontend to read SWORD bibles.

Both are new upstream releases with no packaging warnings. A massive improvement over the
current out-of-dated state of the packages both in Debian/Ubuntu. I will be uploading these to
Debian soon, but it will be amazing to get this into Jaunty.

This is first major milestone produce by CrossWire Packaging Team. A Debian/Ubuntu team of
developers who want to make CrossWire rock even harder on Ubuntu/Debian.

I hope to get this into feature freeze =D If not I will have to go trough freeze exception. =(

ps. I had an ankle injury hence the timing is so late and other member of teams also had some
unexpected things come up in their life as well. We only had like 4 weeks to work on this from

With best regards

Ледков Дмитрий Юрьевич

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