[Pkg-crosswire-devel] xiphos update upstream debian

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Tue Jun 2 06:13:06 BST 2009

Matthew Talbert wrote:

> I'm curious if there is any reason why I shouldn't commit these
> changes to the Xiphos source tree. If it won't hurt anything (I can't
> imagine what, as what is there doesn't even work), I'll commit it. I'm
> assuming Dima did the majority of the work on this, correct?

Yes, Dima did most or all of the work on Xiphos packaging.

You could update that debian/ tree... but they you'll want to be keeping
it in sync with the bzr tree by hand, which seems like extra work for
little gain.

You could consider removing it entirely, instead, and replacing it with
a pointer (a short text file named README.debian-packaging or something
similar, at the top level of the Xiphos source tree) to the bzr
repository where its packaging is maintained.  This way, anyone trying
to build their own personal debian packages of Xiphos during development
knows where to get the most current available packaging, and you do not
have to keep the Xiphos copy of it updated.

As long as you don't release Xiphos source tarballs that have a debian/
subdirectory in them, keeping Xiphos' own copy in your version control
system won't "hurt anything", so which way to go is very much up to you.

> Also, I noticed that there is a patch
> "remove-extra-gpl-from-help.patch", which apparently removes the
> license from the help document. However, it either doesn't get applied
> by default, or I did something wrong in building my packages, because
> it was still in the manual. I wonder why having this causes a lintian
> warning (as it says at the top of the patch), and if there is another
> way to solve it rather than just removing the license from the manual.

Dima will know for sure.  My guess is that the patch is obsolete, and is
not being applied because there is no debian/patches/series file listing
that patch among the set of patches to apply :)


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