[Pkg-crosswire-devel] [Bug 384976] [NEW] Please backport xiphos 3.1-1 from Karmic

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Mon Jun 8 23:27:49 BST 2009

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== Backport Request ==

Please backport source package xiphos 1.6+dfsg-1 from Ubuntu karmic to hardy,
intrepid and jaunty.

1. Package is in karmic
2. No source modifications are required for all suites
3. Affects only it self
   1. compatible with system libraries on all suites.
   2. does not directly brake other packages on system.
   3. depends on another backport bug #384971 (backend library libsword8)
   4. No changes to language interpreters.

4. Benefits to the users from release notes:

 1. The module manager is no longer modal, that is, the module manager
    does not monopolize the application's attention: You can begin
    downloading or indexing modules, and then go back to work in the
    main window.

 2. New interface translations: Norwegian and Welsh.  We should have
    an Afrikaans translation in time for 3.2.

 3. New prayerlists/journals offer sensible default names, and their
    editor support is much improved, including offering to save on

 4. RtoL languages' (right-to-left, such as Farsi and Hebrew)
    scrollbars go on the correct side.

 5. Bookmark support:
    Search results may be saved as bookmarks or sets of bookmarks.
    Bookmarks containing multiple verses work.
    Single-verse bookmarks auto-navigate directly when clicked.
    Multi-verse bookmarks engage the verse list, where individual
    selections can be made.

 6. Automatic lemma lookup in inverted Greek dictionary for ancient
    texts.  This has marginal utility pending improvements to Sword's
    dictionary support due to inconsistent key sort.

 7. 'j' and 'k' have been added for keyboard-driven verse selection.

 8. The passage copier/exporter is much improved, and similar to other
    applications' function.

 9. In gtkhtml3 build, Advanced Search has gained a previewer scrollbar.

 10. A great many fixes and minor improvements to many subsystems:
    - module archiving.
    - locale handling.
    - font size management.
    - spacing and highlight alignment.
    - mouse hover alignment selection on Strong's and morphology.
    - parallel Bible selection preservation.
    - splash icons, direction and highlight timing.
    - numerous code refactoring, cleanup, and efficiency improvements.
    - history management corrections.
    - "shift to lock previewer" fixes.
    - initial support for linked verses in Bibles.
    - fixed initial font issue in gtkhtml previewer
    - made the tab close buttons display correctly
    - added module labels that remain visible in parallel tab/dialog

And many other improvements in Xiphos in 3.0 and 3.0.1 [1]

[1] http://xiphos.org/development/release-notes/

** Affects: hardy-backports
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

** Affects: intrepid-backports
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

** Affects: jaunty-backports
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

Please backport xiphos 3.1-1 from Karmic
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