[Pkg-crosswire-devel] OUSTANDING PAYMENT OF US$10.5 MILLION.

Rev.Norman Briggs revnormanbrigggs at msn.com
Sat May 9 13:22:48 BST 2009

ATTN: Honorable  Contractors/ Creditors & Next  of  Kin  Claims
Following the protest of the International Court  of  Justice , The World Bank, IMF , American Government  and   G-38  on  delays  of  Nigerian Federation   in resolving  outstanding  foreign payments , the President and Commander in Chief of the armed forces of Nigeria  Federation  (ALHAJI UMARU MUSA YARDUA)  had instructed  me  Rev Norman Briggs. Committee  Chairman  of  Foreign  Payment  Reconciliation   of  the  National  House  of  Assembly (UPPER HOUSE ) to  monitor  all  payments  to  Foreign Creditors.

After  going  through our pay  manifest  we  have  found  out that you have completed your contract with the Nigerian National Petroleum Co-operation (NNPC) and  your  outstanding  payment  has  been  approved  for  your onward  confirmation .
Every proper arrangement concerning your funds ( US$10 .5 MILLION ) has be made for onward  confirmation  through  your  preferred  means  but  note  that  a woman came to my office today  with a letter claiming to be your representative here  in Nigeria, please  verify  the below bank details  as she submitted.
                                   BANK NAME: CITI BANK, NEW YORK.
                                   BANK ADDRESS     : BROOKLYN NEW YORK, USA.
                                   ACCOUNT NAME    : JANET    DURA
                                   ACCOUNT NUMBER: 6503809428.

Please , do  reconfirm this  office  as  a  matter  of  urgency if  the  above  bank  details is  your  new  bank  account and  we  shall  proceed  to  advise Janet Dura  for  further credit to the above  bank  account  as  she  submitted.
Thanks for Working with Nigerian Federation and for Patience.
Yours in Service
Rev. Norman Briggs
Committee Chairman on Foreign Payment and Reconciliation   of Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Tel: +234 703 120 9489
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