[Pkg-crosswire-devel] Packaging Project Planning

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Wed May 20 00:27:56 BST 2009

Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:

> What do we want to achieve before uploading to unstable?

> Libsword
> Are we repackaging it or not? If yes, what are we gonna remove from the tarball?

I think we need to remove the ftplib file (name forgotten, I'm at 
work!).  We also need to delete the zlib files and perhaps something 
else I've forgotten, in the rules file.  I think I asked you to propose 
a patch that does this second part, but I've not seen one... do you want 
me to work on that?

We most definitely need to update debian/copyright to talk about all the 
non-SWORD code in the tarball.

I think we also need to have some confidence that osis2mod from 1.6.0 
really works, and right now it seems to be buggy.  I think we should 
wait a bit and see how that goes; we can include patches to fix these 
issues if necessary, rather than waiting for a 1.6.1 release.

We (I) also need to do the lintian override for /usr/share/sword/ .

We also need to look for any remaining or similar version 
numbers and update them to 1.6.0, in our packaging files.  I'm sure 
there is at least one.

> Xiphos
> I would want to double check that doc-base works

Go for it :)

> Bibledit?

Bibledit leads the way.  My bibledit 3.7-1 package is already in Debian 
unstable, and Debian testing, and Ubuntu Karmic :) :)  Is there 
something about it that you want to change?

> Bibletime?

Is very close to 2.0 rc1, so by the time our SWORD 1.6.0 packaging is 
done we may have a BT 2.0.  I'm not sure we should put 2.0beta2 into 
Debian unstable, although we could if necessary/appropriate.

> Overall
> Before we upload I would love to try rebuilding everything in Lenny &
> Sid and testing the debs with piuparts

Go for it :)  I have been rebuilding in sid and lenny VMs fairly often, 
so I don't forsee major issues there.  I've not spent much time on 
piuparts, my earlier attempts did not work well, and I didn't get back 
to it.  Probably just my mistake.

> Debhelper7
> After reading up blog posts about debhelper7 I was very temted to try
> it out. ...

Don't we already set debian/compat to 7 (and use some of the extra 
automation that gives us)?  I thought I did that some time ago, it made 
something easier for me in debian/rules... will recheck when I get home.

> Lenny NOW
> There are no PPA's for lenny. I've manage to create download's area on
> our "crosswire" project on launchpad shall we upload alpha lenny debs
> there? Cause there was a request for Lenny debs today.....

PPAs are for Ubuntu.  If you want to host a little temporary personal 
.deb repository somewhere for pkgcrosswire Lenny, go for it.  But don't 
mix Lenny .debs into the PPAs , I think that's potentially confusing. 
If it is just for one or two users, I could host some files under 
http://computeroptions.net/sword/debian/ if that would help.  Or 
http://jmarsden.org/sword/debian if you prefer :)

However: if you really think our SWORD and Xiphos packages for Debian 
are ready for end users, say so, and we can get them into Debian 
experimental right away, via Roberto.  Then (daring) users can grab them 
from there using apt-get (and pinning so they don't get everything else 
in experomental, of course).  That's better than any PPA/download/etc. 
approach, IMO.


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