[Pkg-crosswire-devel] SWORD 1.6.0 Packaging Status Update 2009-05-25

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Mon May 25 23:25:48 BST 2009

I've just created Ubuntu packages for SWORD 1.6.0+dfsg-1 for Ubuntu
Intrepid, Jaunty and Karmic in the team PPA.

These incorporate the work done this weekend by Dmitrij and me to get
these packages closer to "uploadable to Debian unstable" status.

In particular, they now:

 + Have zero (or very few... one more update needed?) compiler warnings
 + Include debug packages
 + Run the shell-based testsuite during building
 + Use a repacked tarball to better handle copyright issues
 + Have an improved debian/copyright file documenting copyrights

We've decided not to attempt packaging the java/Python/Perl bindings at
this point, since their build system does not seem to be updated and is
also apparently separate from the SWORD one.

We are considering adding the latest osis2mod fixes from SWORD svn to
our package, rather than waiting for SWORD 1.6.1 to include them, but as
of today those fixes are *not* included in these packages.

Other than that, and (yet) another pass through the copyright stuff, if
anyone is aware of remaining packaging issues, please speak up now!

God willing, we'll have SWORD 1.6.0 packages ready for Roberto to upload
to Debian stable by about Thursday this week.


P.S. The Karmic packages failed to build because of the "very few..."
remaining compiler warnings issue, I'll fix that up shortly.

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