[Pkg-crosswire-devel] Packaging SWIG bindings for Ubuntu

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 24 02:51:57 BST 2009

Yet again, I forgot to reply to all. I wish this were fixed.

> 1. Configure for the Python bindings fails because it cannot find
> libsword.  It is looking for libsword.so, but only libsword.so.8 and
> libsword.so.8.0.0 are installed.  I added a symbolic link from
> libsword.so to libsword.so.8.0.0 and it then built fine.  Is this a
> problem?  I think from memory that the standard Sword install is just
> libsword.so (and yes, I do know the purpose of versioning the
> libraries).

Did you just download SWORD from svn or tarball and attempt to build
from there? If so, that is likely the cause of your problem. If you
get SWORD from the crosswire bzr branch, you'll get a debian directory
with the patches that are being applied to the debian build. The first
of these, 02_libver.diff will most likely solve your problem.

Also, it appears the bindings/swig/package/configure.ac needs updated
to reflect the new version of SWORD.

OK, you can disregard some of the above. It looks like you need to
patch bindings/swig/package/sword.m4 to look for the proper version of
libsword. I guess I have a static library, which is why it worked for
me. I'm not an automake expert, but surely there is a better way to
look for the libraries? Like just using pkg-config? Also, sword.m4
won't be correct on systems that are using /usr/lib64 for their libdir
(eg, Fedora). I would say nearly all of the file could be replaced by
just using pkg-config, eg 'PKG_CHECK_MODULES(SWORD, "sword")'.


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